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Common Questions

  • How soon will I see results?

    After completing the setup process you should see results in within 24 hours.

  • How can I change the strategy and target demographic I’m looking for?

    Please reach out to your account manager. They can help adjust your target demographic and help revise your strategy.

  • Can I use my Instagram account while using Jungle Social?

    Yes, you can use your Instagram completely as normal.

  • Can I set my Instagram account to Private?

    Yes, you can set your account to Private, but growth will be slower. We recommend making your account public.

  • Will I lose the followers I gained if I stop using Jungle Social?

    Absolutely Not, the followers you gain are real followers who are interested in your account. They will stay with you after if you choose to stop our services.

  • Will I gain real followers?

    Yes, absolutely. You will gain real followers, as we use real specialized marketing techniques to help engage and drive real followers to your account. We do not sell fake followers.

  • Will I need to give Jungle Social access to my Instagram account?

    Yes, your account manager will need access to your Instagram Account. Your password will be held encrypted and secured. Your account manager will Not be posting, commenting, or direct messaging on your behalf. Please know that our Clients privacy and security are our #1 priority.

  • How can I cancel my subscription?

    If you want to cancel your subscription simply send a cancellation email to your account manager. We will confirm within 24 hours. To avoid being charged on your bill date, please make sure send a cancellation email 7 days before your bill date. This will allow for your Account manager to cancel your account and make sure your Credit Card is not charged.