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November’s Latest Updates!

Instagram has added some new features this month.  So let’s catch you up to all the major changes you need to know, and help you grow your account!

October Changes on Instagram: 

  1. GIF’s in Direct Messaging: You can now use GIF’s in the direct messaging feature of the app. It can be helpful to build your brand, and add a personalized touch.
  2. New Canned/Quick Replies: Instagram now lets you set some canned/quick reply responses on Direct Messages. So if you see a common questions or comment, you can quickly reply to it with a set response. It’s a time saving feature!
  3. Longer Instagram Stories: You can now upload up to 60 seconds for an Instagram Story (from 15 seconds). It will splice the 60 second story into 15 second sections, on your IG Story.
  4. Instagram Launches Nametags: This new feature allows you to create a custom “Nametags”. Which when scanned within the app will take the user to a prompt page to follow you. It makes it easier for potential followers to find you. You can create these nametags and place them in store, website, and any traditional advertising.

We hope these updates were helpful. Understanding and using these features can help you grow your Instagram Account!

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