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How to Write the Perfect Bio!

Optimizing and refining your Instagram bio will help you stand out amongst the competition. You have 150 characters to make an impression on your audience, so here are 6 simple tips to write the perfect Instagram Bio!

6 Tips to Write the Perfect Instagram Bio: 

  1. Clear Summary – What services or products do you or your company offer.
  2. Provide Value – What value will you offer to followers? Tips, Discounts, Special Offers, Promotion?
  3. Hashtags – You can now use hashtags in your Bio. This is a perfect place to put your custom hashtag and most relevant hashtags.
  4. Call to Action – If your goal is to get potential clients or customers, your bio is the place to add a link to your website or place of conversion.
  5. Provide Key Information – Physical locations, Awards or Recognition you’ve received, or where they can get more information about your products or services.
  6. Showcase Your Personality –You can be witty, funny, serious, informative, or add emojis. Let your audience see the real you, or your company culture or values.

We hope these tips were helpful to write your perfect Instagram Bio!

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