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How to Request a Verification Badge!

Instagram recently added the ability for you to request Verification Badge. If you have a large audience, now you may have the ability to get the Blue Check Mark next to you Instagram name. It can have a major effect on your brand, as it brings trust and credibility.

How to Apply for the Verification Badge on Instagram: 

  1. Go to your Instagram Account Settings
  2. Scroll down to Request Verification – Click
  3. Here you can Apply for your Instagram Verification:It will ask you for some Basic Information (Name, Category, etc). It will also ask you to Upload a Governet Issued Photo ID that shows your name and date of birth. Or Offical business documents (if you are a busines).
  4. After Submitting: After they have reviewed you will receive a Notification confirming or denying your request.

Getting that Blue Check should hopefully help you skyrocket your exposure, interaction, and conversion rates! Good Luck!

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