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How to get approved for Instagram Shopping Links!

Instagram added a new Shopping feature which allow you to Tag your Post, directly linking it to your Website . This is a dream for marketers, as followers can now directly leave Instagram to your website to checkout. If you are looking to improve sales and conversion rates, you need to apply for Instagram Shopping Today!

How to apply for Shopping on Instagram

  1. Update to the Latest Instagram Version
  2. Make sure your Instagram account is setup or converted to a Business Profile
  3. Your Business sells primarily Physical Goods.
  4. Have a Business Manager account with Facebook
  5. Your business profile must be connected to a Facebook catalog: This can be created and managed on Facebook Business Manager, BigCommerce, or Shopify platforms or directly on your Facebook Business’s Page.
  6. Review: After applying and fulfilling these requirements, Instagram takes a few days to review your application.
  7. If Approved: Instagram will send you a notification.
  8. Turn on Product Tagging: Go to Settings –> Business –> Continue –>Select a Product Catalog to Connect –> Done

Our clients who are using Shopping Links have seen a huge spike in sales. Some of them are making over $1,000 in sales a day. Don’t Miss this Opportunity!

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