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How much is an Instagram Post Worth?

How much is an Instagram post worth, how about some numbers?

3,000 to 10,000 real followers – a single post can be worth $60 to $115.
100,000 followers – $400 per post!

That’s just if you sell your posts to other brands.

What’s all of that worth to you?

It’s a simple brand-building exercise.

Models – How powerful is it to have 100,000 people see your face?
Entrepreneurs – Since the average cost is 1% to 30% for advertising, that $400 could be work into $40,000 in sales!
Photographers – If 100,000 people see your work and only 5% of them hire you, you’ll have thousands of new clients or customers to buy your work.
Retail – How much would it cost to get 100,000 impressions using paid ads?

It all starts with a great list of Instagram followers.

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