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How many Followers do I need to Start Making Money?

The answer takes several factors into consideration.

1. How engaged are your followers? (Ghost, Bought, or Fake followers don’t lead to sales or do they engage with you).

2. What niche are you targeting? The most popular niches are fashion, modeling, travel, food, beauty, lifestyle bloggers, influencers, fitness, and photography. Certain industries seem to very Instagram friendly, and easy to make money from.

3. How engaging is your content? The top things to consider.

a. Photography – Good photography is key, Instagram being such a visual platform

b. Hashtags – Focused use of hashtags

c. Stories – keeping your followers engaged. Once you get over 10,000 followers you will unlock a swipe up feature which helps convert.

d. Shopping Links – You can now apply for Instagram Shopping Links, which can take followers directly to your website for sales. This works best if you are selling a product.

We have worked with clients who get paid Thousands of dollars for just ONE Post. If you have even 1,000 followers you can start making money.

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