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December’s Latest Instagram Updates!

Instagram closed out the year with a few last changes. Here’s is a quick update:

Decembers Changes on Instagram: 

  1. Voice Messages in DM’s: Voice messages are now fully functional, and can be used in one on one or group chats. They can be up to a minute long.
  2. Alternative Text Descriptions: You can now place a text description of what’s happening in your image or video. This text can be picked up as SEO, and will be more impactful in search optimization in the future.
  3. Mutual Followers: Instagram now allows you to see the mutual followers you have with another account, very similar to the Facebook feature. It’s super helpful for marketing, as social proof validation.
  4. Shop Tab: When viewing an account profile you can now click a “Shop” tag. This will take the viewer to all the shoppable posts in a feed.

We hope these updates were helpful. Understanding and using these features can help you grow your Instagram Account!

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