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How to get approved for Instagram Shopping Links!

Instagram added a new Shopping feature which allow you to Tag your Post, directly linking it to your Website . This is a dream for marketers, as followers can now directly leave Instagram to your website to checkout. If you are looking to improve sales and conversion rates, you need to apply for Instagram Shopping Today!

How to apply for Shopping on Instagram

  1. Update to the Latest Instagram Version
  2. Make sure your Instagram account is setup or converted to a Business Profile
  3. Your Business sells primarily Physical Goods.
  4. Have a Business Manager account with Facebook
  5. Your business profile must be connected to a Facebook catalog: This can be created and managed on Facebook Business Manager, BigCommerce, or Shopify platforms or directly on your Facebook Business’s Page.
  6. Review: After applying and fulfilling these requirements, Instagram takes a few days to review your application.
  7. If Approved: Instagram will send you a notification.
  8. Turn on Product Tagging: Go to Settings –> Business –> Continue –>Select a Product Catalog to Connect –> Done

Our clients who are using Shopping Links have seen a huge spike in sales. Some of them are making over $1,000 in sales a day. Don’t Miss this Opportunity!

The Instagram Machine: What’s it worth?

“It’s a $500 million industry today (2017), and corporate muscle will bolster that to $5 billion to $10 billion by 2020, according to Mediakix estimates.” – Business Insider, “Instagram stars with 50K to 200K followers can make thousands per post”

Instagram is already building brands at a phenomenal rate and, as the quote above shows, it will only get bigger and more valuable in the next two years.

All of that value can be yours! You can leverage that advertising power for your brand

What do you need to have this power? Engaged followers! Real followers! A consistent engagement plan!

That’s exactly what you get from Jungle Social.

We find the new followers.

We help you engage with the new followers.

We grow your brand.

You get to use all the power of Instagram.

Real engagement – Your power tool

Real engagement on Instagram is the way to build your followers.

What is Real engagement? Just like the name sounds, our team engages with your target audience on your behalf.

“Customers follow and engage with the brands they love on their preferred digital networks. Millennials in particular talk and coordinate going out to eat with their friends through Instagram Messenger and in comments on posts.” – Entrepreneur, Young Customers Want Instagram Engagement. What’s Your Brand Doing to Get It?

Using Jungle Social, you’ll get engagement. We make Real engagement your superpower.

That’s how you turn Instagram from a fun place to play into a powerful brand-building tool.

How much is an Instagram Post Worth?

How much is an Instagram post worth, how about some numbers?

3,000 to 10,000 real followers – a single post can be worth $60 to $115.
100,000 followers – $400 per post!

That’s just if you sell your posts to other brands.

What’s all of that worth to you?

It’s a simple brand-building exercise.

Models – How powerful is it to have 100,000 people see your face?
Entrepreneurs – Since the average cost is 1% to 30% for advertising, that $400 could be work into $40,000 in sales!
Photographers – If 100,000 people see your work and only 5% of them hire you, you’ll have thousands of new clients or customers to buy your work.
Retail – How much would it cost to get 100,000 impressions using paid ads?

It all starts with a great list of Instagram followers.

The only 2 ways to get 1000+ new followers a month

Whether you are trying to build a career or grow a business, or you simply want to have an awesome social life, your Instagram presence will often be a difference maker.

With that said, here are THE ONLY two ways you can attract thousands of REAL, RELEVANT followers every month:

  1. DIY

There is no secret here:

Post outstanding content every single day, use hashtags the right way, run giveaways, earn some shoutouts…

And if you do everything right, sooner or later you photos will get some traction and followers will start coming to you. 

  1. Use a growth service

This is a simpler, faster and just slightly more expensive option:

You basically hire a team of professionals to do all the work for you, so you can just sit back and wait.

There are a few good options that offer anywhere from 600 to 1000+ new followers a month, but only one comes with features like Growth Guarantee, 24/7 Followers Tracking and Personal Account Manager:

Jungle Social

December’s Latest Instagram Updates!

Instagram closed out the year with a few last changes. Here’s is a quick update:

Decembers Changes on Instagram: 

  1. Voice Messages in DM’s: Voice messages are now fully functional, and can be used in one on one or group chats. They can be up to a minute long.
  2. Alternative Text Descriptions: You can now place a text description of what’s happening in your image or video. This text can be picked up as SEO, and will be more impactful in search optimization in the future.
  3. Mutual Followers: Instagram now allows you to see the mutual followers you have with another account, very similar to the Facebook feature. It’s super helpful for marketing, as social proof validation.
  4. Shop Tab: When viewing an account profile you can now click a “Shop” tag. This will take the viewer to all the shoppable posts in a feed.

We hope these updates were helpful. Understanding and using these features can help you grow your Instagram Account!

How many Followers do I need to Start Making Money?

The answer takes several factors into consideration.

1. How engaged are your followers? (Ghost, Bought, or Fake followers don’t lead to sales or do they engage with you).

2. What niche are you targeting? The most popular niches are fashion, modeling, travel, food, beauty, lifestyle bloggers, influencers, fitness, and photography. Certain industries seem to very Instagram friendly, and easy to make money from.

3. How engaging is your content? The top things to consider.

a. Photography – Good photography is key, Instagram being such a visual platform

b. Hashtags – Focused use of hashtags

c. Stories – keeping your followers engaged. Once you get over 10,000 followers you will unlock a swipe up feature which helps convert.

d. Shopping Links – You can now apply for Instagram Shopping Links, which can take followers directly to your website for sales. This works best if you are selling a product.

We have worked with clients who get paid Thousands of dollars for just ONE Post. If you have even 1,000 followers you can start making money.

How to Request a Verification Badge!

Instagram recently added the ability for you to request Verification Badge. If you have a large audience, now you may have the ability to get the Blue Check Mark next to you Instagram name. It can have a major effect on your brand, as it brings trust and credibility.

How to Apply for the Verification Badge on Instagram: 

  1. Go to your Instagram Account Settings
  2. Scroll down to Request Verification – Click
  3. Here you can Apply for your Instagram Verification:It will ask you for some Basic Information (Name, Category, etc). It will also ask you to Upload a Governet Issued Photo ID that shows your name and date of birth. Or Offical business documents (if you are a busines).
  4. After Submitting: After they have reviewed you will receive a Notification confirming or denying your request.

Getting that Blue Check should hopefully help you skyrocket your exposure, interaction, and conversion rates! Good Luck!

November’s Latest Updates!

Instagram has added some new features this month.  So let’s catch you up to all the major changes you need to know, and help you grow your account!

October Changes on Instagram: 

  1. GIF’s in Direct Messaging: You can now use GIF’s in the direct messaging feature of the app. It can be helpful to build your brand, and add a personalized touch.
  2. New Canned/Quick Replies: Instagram now lets you set some canned/quick reply responses on Direct Messages. So if you see a common questions or comment, you can quickly reply to it with a set response. It’s a time saving feature!
  3. Longer Instagram Stories: You can now upload up to 60 seconds for an Instagram Story (from 15 seconds). It will splice the 60 second story into 15 second sections, on your IG Story.
  4. Instagram Launches Nametags: This new feature allows you to create a custom “Nametags”. Which when scanned within the app will take the user to a prompt page to follow you. It makes it easier for potential followers to find you. You can create these nametags and place them in store, website, and any traditional advertising.

We hope these updates were helpful. Understanding and using these features can help you grow your Instagram Account!

How to Write the Perfect Bio!

Optimizing and refining your Instagram bio will help you stand out amongst the competition. You have 150 characters to make an impression on your audience, so here are 6 simple tips to write the perfect Instagram Bio!

6 Tips to Write the Perfect Instagram Bio: 

  1. Clear Summary – What services or products do you or your company offer.
  2. Provide Value – What value will you offer to followers? Tips, Discounts, Special Offers, Promotion?
  3. Hashtags – You can now use hashtags in your Bio. This is a perfect place to put your custom hashtag and most relevant hashtags.
  4. Call to Action – If your goal is to get potential clients or customers, your bio is the place to add a link to your website or place of conversion.
  5. Provide Key Information – Physical locations, Awards or Recognition you’ve received, or where they can get more information about your products or services.
  6. Showcase Your Personality –You can be witty, funny, serious, informative, or add emojis. Let your audience see the real you, or your company culture or values.

We hope these tips were helpful to write your perfect Instagram Bio!